Wisconsin Women's Soccer Team vs. IllinoisWisconsin Women's Soccer Team vs. IllinoisMadison Wisconsin sports Photographer. UW Madison. Wisconsin Women's Soccer Team vs. Illinois Big 10 match on 10/28/2018
Madison Wisconsin Sports Photographer. The soccer game albums are primarily for the athletes who participated in the game to tell their story, for their parents/grandparents and for those especially passionate about the game. For everyone else who may be overwhelmed by the number of pictures please view the portfolio gallery to see a smaller number of pictures from each game. Or better yet, head over to my Instagram page which is primarily Wisconsin Badgers Women's Soccer. As a father of 3 daughters who all played the game, I know first hand that a picture of any moment they're on the field is a keeper and that's how I capture the game and post them...as a dad with a camera.

Seeing all galleries here, it's not hard to figure out that promoting women's soccer is a thing for me. With 3 daughters playing soccer, over the last 10+ years my passion for this sport has only increased. It goes by so fast which you quickly come to realize and trust me, you'll truly miss it when it's gone.

Even if you are an opponent and you bring your game, I'll notice you and won't hesitate to capture your play even when that might lead us to defeat. To grow awareness to this great sport and group of very talented athletes all players need to be promoted and have memories of their play preserved not just "money shots" of key home players but of everyone like you'd want of your child if they were out there playing in the game or supporting their team from the sidelines. One also can't forget the student in student athlete. They each give so much to this game and with classes their plates are full. To many, this sport has meant so much in their life and has really made them on many levels who they are today up to this point. Don't forget that especially student fans when you beat up the opposing keepers with comments. As a father with a daughter who played keeper for a while, I can only imagine what these college keepers have endured and yet still play at this level. I look out for keepers whenever I have the chance. Especially when I hear the comments thrown your way.

While capturing a game, typically I'm not focusing in on a specific player or players. I try to tell the full story of the game and provide more of an immersive feel. I will tie in the atmosphere, the emotions and who was part of the play and how it developed. If you're near the ball chances are I'll capture you in a few shots preserving memories for as many as I can. I also look for those special moments on and off the field often witnessing them develop. Thus my capturing and posting most of a game and not limiting processing to "key" plays or awesome shots, however those are captured too. Shooting at 400mm one surely can focus in when desired.

Whether you're a mom or a dad, make sure to get to your daughter's games as often as possible. They grow older so fast and it will get away from you. If you live in an area that has a college soccer team, get out and support them too!

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***Soccer has 3.5 Billion fans in the world while football only has 390 Million. Lack of promotion and awareness is the only thing holding back soccer in the U.S. from being a significant revenue generator.***