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4K2A39074K2A3907DeForest varsity girls soccer vs Baraboo varsity girls soccer on Thursday April 21 2016 at DeForest. The DeForest girls won 3-0 in a very exciting game. Both teams played hard.
DeForest Girls Varsity Soccer vs Baraboo Varsity Girls Soccer 4/21/2016 at DeForest High School.

Support Women's Athletics! It's disappointing to go to these games and not see many people in the stands. I know things come up but these days are less and less especially at this age. The only time I've missed one of my girl's soccer games is when I had to be at one of my other girl's soccer games. While my girls aren't on these teams yet they soon could be should they remain dedicated to the sport. I hope they do. These games are amazing, just as amazing as a boys game perhaps even more so as we expect young men to display passion in sports. These young women do it too and do it well. Hopefully the pictures I capture can influence more to get out there. The ladies will appreciate it!
DeForest girls soccer 4K2A3907-34K2A35714K2A3572Baraboo Girls Varsity Soccer4K2A3719-24K2A35984K2A37264K2A3646Jordan McNeese DeForest Soccer runs with the ball4K2A36034K2A36044K2A36054K2A3608DeForest girls soccer 4K2A36114K2A36124K2A36134K2A36144K2A36174K2A36184K2A3621