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Dani Rhodes scored her third goal of the season to tie the game with Nebraska at 1-1 which was the final score of the double over-time battle on 10/6/2016 at the McClimon Soccer Complex. When talking about her goal Dani said: "I definitely knew I had a good chance at it. The girls kept dropping back and I kept seeing space open up so as I got closer I knew I had to hit a shot. Actually the other day in practice I hit the same thing so I kind of had a good feeling." Caitlyn Clem made four saves for UW.

"I'm proud of the team to come back from being 1-0 down,” UW coach Paula Wilkins said. “Coming away from this game I think Nebraska is a really good team, well organized and has really dangerous players Caroline Flynn (#21) and Jaycie Johnson (#19) up front."

There's no such thing as men's soccer or women's soccer....the game is soccer regardless of who's playing. With 3 daughters playing this game, I see it first hand.

Both my equipment and editing style has change since this game. Checkout this 2019 Wisconsin Women's soccer game against Purdue for a good example. Wisconsin vs Purdue

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