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Complete selection of pictures from the game.

A sports photographer who does a great job and captures many different sports mentioned I should shoot tighter and then not spend time on so many but only process the key shots as that's what people want to see. I know what he was saying and I do spend tons of time editing due to how many shots I process. I will shoot tight at times if there's no one else around the ball or if I'm after a certain shot. I tend to shoot soccer in a documentary style as opposed to a sports style. Each artist has their own vision for their masterpiece. My style for soccer is to capture the game and the team not to isolate a player. That includes the atmosphere, what I saw, what I felt, what other's felt - fans, players, coaches that's what I'm after and if I can capture all that in a single shot that's perfect. I try to include everyone not just the "key" players or plays. A specific photo might not be important to the majority of people but I can guarantee it is very important to one so I want to preserve that as it's not just about what the pictures can do for my portfolio professionally. I can spend hours/days editing a game but it's not my job it's a choice. I've been taking soccer pictures for over 6 years, taking over 500,000 of them and developed a style based on personal connections with the teams (my 3 daughter's teams) and what they like. That style is generally not to shoot tight to isolate an individual player although at times I do. I'm not being paid to shoot or shooting for a specific purpose, I'm shooting how I want to shoot which is to capture the energy around the play as well as how the play developed, who was involved etc and not just the outcome. This at times includes everyone as they all contributed whether on the field in the play or on the sidelines supporting the team at the game and in practices. Whether they were on the field near the ball or not, they all have a key part in the outcome of the game and I want these moments to be remembered. Years after these days are over they can look back and say I remember that game, that moment, that spring/fall/winter, that team, those people I call friends/family/daughter.