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6W0A39256W0A3925Wisconsin Badgers Women's Soccer vs. Iowa Hawkeyes Women's Soccer in Madison Wisconsin 10/24/2021
Wisconsin Badgers Women's Soccer vs. Iowa Hawkeyes Women's Soccer in Madison Wisconsin on 10/24/2021.

Relive this game in photographs.
At just under 3000 pictures, this may be the largest game album I've posted. With Senior Day and great play by both teams there were so many memories out there. I'm happy I was able to preserve some of them.

Jordyn Bloomer was the last remaining Badger on the team from when I first started taking game pics back in 2016. As a freelancer taking pictures for myself and not hired, I was only given permission to take pictures at a couple games with DeForest's Jordan McNeese joining the team that year. I captured Jordan's High School games while my daughters ball chased and also did their team pics her junior and senior year. I knew both her mom and dad from soccer and I worked with them at a local insurance company too. At the time, my 3 daughters played club soccer. I had never been to a UW game so wanted to check it out. I planned to only capture a couple games hoping Jordan would see some game time and that's all I was given permission to do as they hadn't seen what I could do yet or the passion I have promoting women's soccer, through pictures at least. No doubt being a father of 3 daughters who play influences my desire to promote their sport. Now 5 years later, I just never left. So a bittersweet moment having Bloomer the last remaining member of the original team leaving this season as well as others who joined in 2017 who I've watched play their entire Badger career. BTW, Jordan McNeese was at the game supporting her former teammates and captured as well in the events taking place.

I can't wait to see some of you back out there in the Spring and for those departing, it's been a privilege watching you play throughout your time at the University of Wisconsin. As you'll hear often enough you have the whole world ahead of you. Take your time and find your niche in it.

With 3 daughters of my own who play/played soccer I can't help but take and post pictures like a soccer dad capturing and posting as much as I can. Where every shot is a good shot if you're in it friend or foe as you're all sisters after the game is over. The pictures taken after this game support that statement 100%. Make sure to get out there and support these student athletes.