In over a decade of attending soccer games for my daughters I've always been under an umbrella or at the very least had a jacket on while they've gotten drenched. Well Siri and Alexa both conspired to change all that by advising me no rain was expected. So I happily donned just shorts and a t-shirt. What was to follow was the most intense rain I've ever seen or experienced at a game. I was completely soaked even the inside of my wallet had water inside of it. Great experience for capturing a game feeling the elements too. The wind did cooperate while quite gusty at times was nice enough to commence and remain at my back allowing me to stay put standing in only 2 inches of water. My daughters on the other hand were nice and dry. Two at home and the oldest in Indiana where she goes to school.

Random pictures album still being built from 2200+ photos taken. With interest from Purdue players as well getting something out there. While I am a UW grad and Badger by heart I'm here to promote women's soccer on both sides of the ball and all of these talented athletes. Hopefully also showing people what they're missing if they aren't watching or attending these games. Support your teams!