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A spring game with the Wisconsin Badgers Women's Soccer team and the Iowa State Cyclones Women's Soccer team. Lots of energy out there. I've processed and posted just over a third of the pictures taken. The remaining have similar looks but you never know I may add more. Depending on your connection, the album may take a while to load the 100's of pictures. I used this game to test out a new Canon L lens using it for the first time stepping away from my usual 70-200 f2.8L II. I think it did well and will save my 70-200 some wear and tear.

Both my equipment and editing style has change since this game. Checkout this 2019 Wisconsin Women's soccer game against Purdue for a good example. Wisconsin vs Purdue

There's no such thing as men's soccer or women's soccer....the game is soccer regardless of who's playing. With 3 daughters playing this game, I see it first hand.
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