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4K2A95544K2A9554A spring game with the University of Wisconsin Badgers Women's Soccer team vs. the Iowa State Cyclones Women's Soccer team on Saturday April 1st 2017 at the University Bay practice fields in Madison WI.
A spring game with the Wisconsin Badgers Women's Soccer team and the Iowa State Cyclones Women's Soccer team. Lots of energy out there. I've processed and posted just over a third of the pictures taken. The remaining have similar looks but you never know I may add more. Depending on your connection, the album may take a while to load the 100's of pictures. I used this game to test out a new Canon L lens using it for the first time stepping away from my usual 70-200 f2.8L II. I think it did well and will save my 70-200 some wear and tear.

Both my equipment and editing style has change since this game. Checkout this 2019 Wisconsin Women's soccer game against Purdue for a good example. Wisconsin vs Purdue

There's no such thing as men's soccer or women's soccer....the game is soccer regardless of who's playing. With 3 daughters playing this game, I see it first hand.
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