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4K2A39424K2A3942Wisconsin Women's Soccer vs. Rutgers Women's Soccer 10/26/2016 in Madison WI.
At over 1000 pictures, this is the largest album of game pictures processed. With this being the last home game of the regular season, rather than only processing key photos of an action sequence, I decided to process the vast majority of the game. Quite a few hours of processing time.

Wisconsin Women's Soccer Team vs. Rutgers Women's Soccer Team on a rainy 10/26/2016 evening. The rain didn't slow things up too much. This was a great game with plenty of action. The Badgers trailed 0-1 going into the second half. Rose Lavelle scored 2 goals within 7 minutes and the defense held to close out the regular season at home with a 2-1 win.

There's no such thing as men's soccer or women's soccer....the game is soccer regardless of who's playing. With 3 daughters playing this game, I see it first hand.

Both my equipment and editing style has change since this game. Checkout this 2019 Wisconsin Women's soccer game against Purdue for a good example. Wisconsin vs Purdue

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