David Gaustad Photography | DeForest Area High School Drama Club - The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe - Nov 2017
A selection of pictures from the play. The entire cast and crew did an awesome job!

DeForest High School Drama Club proudly presents The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Come ...adventure with us through the land of Narnia.

General Public showing: November 9, 10, & 11 2017 7pm in the PAC.

Directed by Jan Williams

Aslan - Emilio Morales
White Witch - Grace Metzler
Lucy - Ari Manghera
Edmund - Noah Stewart
Susan - Kristin Gruenweller
Peter - Alex Peart
Mrs. Beaver - Allison Durst
Mr. Beaver - Ben Jaccard
Sister Beaver - Cadience Hinz
Brother Beaver - Jaccard Jr.
Unicorn - Brynn Disch
Centaur - Lindsey Bergman
Tumnus - Hayley Entzminger
Fenris Ulf - Marcus Schnell
Dwarves - Kayleigh Wheeler and Kyle Knutson
Father Christmas and Witch Soldier #1 - Payton Blau
Elf - Eleanor Trienen
White Stage - Allison Jacobsen

Forest Animals - Lauren Erdman, Anna Gaustad, Clare O'Connell, Savannah Rentmeester, Katherine Walke, Addison O, Elyse Popp S., Chloe K

New Followers - Allison Jacobsen, Meredith Ridd, Jayden Jones, Bodi Jones, Cora H., Dave B.,

Witch's Army - Payton Blau, Gloria Niesl, Anna Gaustad, Molly Costello, Chenna Loucks, Marcus Schnell, Eleanor Trienen

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