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BQ4A3937-2-lightnintg-2BQ4A3937-2-lightnintg-2DeForest Varsity soccer team photo session May 2016
Photos taken on 5/11/2016.

The Player templates with a color photo and black and white overlay photo are 8x10. Those I make and if interested in one of those contact me with picture names. Can include photos from team session and/or game pictures.

Due to the time involved in creating the picture extraction, the custom player templates seen at the very bottom of the page starting with Ari that have either a stadium, ball or tunnel in the background must be ordered and paid for before they are created.

The majority of the photos are in the gallery other than duplicate photos taken in case of closed eyes etc.
DeForest girls soccer Folded CornerBQ4A3908-2BQ4A3915-4x6DeForest girls soccer BQ4A3915-5x7BQ4A3915-8x10BQ4A3915-11x14 or 8x10BQ4A3926-11x14 or 8x10BQ4A3937--11x14BQ4A3935-11x14BQ4A3917BQ4A3917BQ4A3920-2BQ4A3920-3BQ4A3920-4DeForest girls soccer BQ4A3920DeForest girls soccer BQ4A3921BQ4A3922BQ4A3923BQ4A3924-3BQ4A3924

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