David Gaustad Photography | Wisconsin Soccer Templates
Some creations I made from recent University of Wisconsin soccer games.
Caitlyn Clem  - Sunset Soccer with Texture overlay  Wisconsin Women's Soccer10x208x10 HorizontalGraceB8x10 Memory Mate18x10 Rice0M7A8562-bmsammy-total Horizontal12x12 Collage16x20Wisconsin Women's Soccer Score 2016Mo Taylor Wisconsin Women's Soccer 2016BQ4A2280Untitled-2Rose Lavelle Wisconsin Women's Soccer Collage with Rose Texture Overlay Low Opacity4K2A50752Caitlyn Clem 8x10 2016 Wisconsin Women's SoccerWisconsin Women's Soccer Fall 2016Steph Fabry Wisconsin Women's SoccerRose Lavelle Wisconsin SoccerKylie Schwarz Texture Overlay Wisconsin Women's Soccer