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For these templates, please contact me via email as I need to create one. The cost varies based on the type of template and if I need to completely extract the player from the original photograph which takes some time.

I also have additional templates for example I have some softball templates which are similar to the player/team pictures (#12/#13)
16x20 -Film Strip Grunge - Ariel Spillner DeForest SoccerIn The Zone Softball DeForestDeForest SoftballIn The Zone Baseball DeForest0M7A7730DeForest Softball delaneyK8x1016x20111Leah8x10Tornado DeForest Softball Norski 2017Shelby Olson DeForest SoftballDeForest Softball NorskiJared - 8x10 Horizontal DeForest BaseballJordan VonBehren DeForest Baseball 8x10infernobaseball8x10aPhoto Overlays - jaredAriel-Film Stripamped high gloss softball-2TSCHUMP3BW-8x10 vertical2-8x10 Vertical