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Team pictures and misc shenanigans
behind the scenes. The Endzone with it's bright yellow causes a very strong color cast (golden reflection) onto everyone with the direct sun.
Please note, the team photo at the beginning is missing one player and was retaken when she arrived but the same pose wasn't used so included that one too.

Photos can be purchased along with any game photos mix/match etc. Also be sure to see the packages which can be mixed to include any and all photos taken. For shipping choose the slowest method as they are all fast.

Memory mates similar to what's seen here can also be purchased and are formatted as 8X10/16x20 and for this album have no upcharge but you'd need to specify what pictures you'd like in it from the albums. You can let me know what pictures you would like in it as can be any team picture from post-game to team pictures and the individual can be from a game etc. If the Memory Mate has the player's name, please indicate the name exactly like you would like it on the photo. School name and color would be changed to DeForest Purple.

See examples of my senior pictures here or click the portfolio button above.
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